The European Union on the 9th of June 2014 reached a new stage in its support to natural resources management in Zimbabwe with an official launch of the Dream Project, one of the five innovative environmental projects*, held at Mukuvisi Woodlands in Harare.

Over the next 4 years, the EU will invest a total of EUR 2 million (approx. USD 2.6 million) in the Dream project to reinforce research in agriculture and environment. The occasion was graced by 4 Ministers, Guest of Honour Minister Kusukuwere (Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate), Minister Made (Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation & Irrigation Development), Minister Muzembi (Ministry of Tourism & Hospitality Industry) and Minister Dr Mombeshora (Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement), the Ambassador Aldo Dell’ Ariccia (Head of EU Delegation to Zimbabwe) and the diplomatic core to Zimbabwe including the French Ambassador.



Honourable Kasukuwere appreciated the funds received from EU for Natural resources management in Zimbabwe. He stated that the funding came at a time when the government had just embarked on the implication of an economic growth and wealth creation plan the ZIMASSET. He went on the explain the ZIMASSET result based agenda which is built on 4 clusters, one of which is food security and nutrition which is the bases for implication of most aspects of the EU funds program. Zimbabwe’s economy is driven by agricultural activities and the latter are depend on nature of the prevailing climate and with rapid climate changes the world is currently experiencing, it is prudent the EU has come up with funding. The principle focus of the program is to increase and diversify the income of small-scale farmers through activities focused on the sustainable natural resources management. This approach is critical relationship between natural resources and optimum performance of agricultural productivity.

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The ambassador stated that the aim of the EU funded projects is not only to preserve natural resources for future generations but to also make sure there is sustainable management that can become a driver for economic development and growth. The contribution complimented existing projects that support community based initiatives in the area of wildlife, interventions to mainstream environment and climate change in our actions. The projects will not be exclusively implemented by international organizations but will involve local NGOs, Government ministries and agents, research institutions, universities etc. The project will only focus on community based initiatives but also on capacity building of local stakeholders on demand driven research, market orientated approach and improved sub-sector coordination and policy support. This is hence a development approach that looks at long-term support and result in poverty reduction.

Dream Project Funded by The European Union. Dream Project Implemented by: CIRAD, UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE, BIO-HUB & NUST Dream Project Funded by The European Union. Dream Project Implemented by: CIRAD, UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE, BIO-HUB & NUST Dream Project Funded by The European Union. Dream Project Implemented by: CIRAD, UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE, BIO-HUB & NUST

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